At the range and on the course, precision and accuracy are of utmost importance. The right pair of sunglasses can significantly enhance your golf performance. Harvard Square Eye Care can help you protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while optimizing your contrast sensitivity with the lens color you need.

Contrast Sensitivity
Contrast sensitivity plays a pivotal role in how well you can distinguish objects from their background. When it comes to golf, spotting the ball against the varying shades of the fairway and the sky can be a challenging task. Wearing sunglasses with lenses that cater to your unique internal color perception is essential. Each individual has different photoreceptors and opacities in their intraocular lenses, which affect how they perceive colors and contrasts. By enhancing contrast sensitivity, you can refine your shot accuracy and lower your game.

Harvard Square Eye Care Finds Your Perfect Match
Harvard Square Eye Care professionals can provide general guidance, but finding the perfect sunglass lenses for your vision may require a more personalized approach. Our office is equipped with a color wheel that allows patients to test various lens options. By holding the wheel to your eye, you can assess how different colors impact your contrast sensitivity. This hands-on approach ensures that your lenses are tailored to your visual preferences and needs.

A Popular Choice
Brown lenses are renowned for their ability to provide excellent contrast against green landscapes, making them a great choice for golf. They enhance the differentiation between the ball and the fairway, helping you track the trajectory more effectively. Additionally, brown lenses can reduce glare and improve visual comfort on sunny days. Amber lenses have similar benefits. Amber lenses allow more light to pass through, making them particularly suitable for cloudy days on the course. They enhance contrast and depth perception, which can be crucial when locating the ball amidst changing weather conditions.

When it comes to improving your golf game, every advantage counts. Don’t hesitate to explore your options and find your perfect pair of sunglasses for you and your golfing needs.



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