As summer calls us to the great outdoors and water sports become a popular way to beat the heat, it is essential to remember that protecting our eyes should be a top priority. A good pair of sunglasses is critical to protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to sun and wind. 

Health Risks to Unprotected Eyes 

Cataracts: UV rays break down proteins in the eye’s natural lens, accelerating the formation of cataracts.

Macular Degeneration: UV rays harm macular cells, which facilitate sharp central vision in the center of the retina. 

Photokeratitis: Also known as sunburn of the eye, this condition results in eye pain, redness, tearing, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, and a sensation of having a foreign object in the eye.

Dry Eye: Dry eye occurs when the natural tear film on the surface of the eye evaporates more quickly due to excessive wind exposure, leading to irritation, redness, and discomfort. 

Enhanced Safety, Comfort, and Performance 

Polarized lenses cut hazardous glare, reducing eye strain and allowing you to spot potential dangers. Sunglasses are the perfect barrier to wind and water that may otherwise cause discomfort and dryness in the eyes. With clear vision and reduced eye fatigue, you can focus on performing your best and enjoying your day on the water. 

Options at Harvard Square Eye Care: 

Harvard Square Eye Care recommends Bollé sunglasses. Weather and sun intensity on the water can quickly change, making it difficult to determine what kind of lens may be best. Bollé offers a photochromic lens, which gradually adjusts its light filtration and tint based on the amount of light coming in. This feature reduces blurred vision and eye fatigue and improves visual acuity. There is an option for hydrophobic lenses and frames equipped with Thermogrip® technology, to maintain clear vision and avoid slippage. Bollé also offers a version that floats, which water sports enthusiasts know – advanced or beginner – is a big plus! 



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