Tired of swimming without sight? Harvard Square Eye Care is here to help. Whether you want to explore underwater ocean life or navigate a crowded lap lane, our comfortable and durable prescription goggles will elevate your swimming experience. 

Intentional Design 

Harvard Square Eye Care offers goggles that are designed to accommodate virtually any prescription strength. The goggles have a hypo-allergenic, silicone eye seal and head strap, and an adjustable nose bridge. These features create a leak-free experience. 

Safety Benefit 

Swimming without clear vision can be a safety hazard, especially in crowded pools or open water. It can be difficult to maintain orientation and spot potential dangers or other swimmers. With prescription goggles, you do not need to worry about these risks; instead, you can focus your energy on an efficient workout or the sights of the underwater world around you! 

Finding Your Perfect Pair  

Harvard Square Eye Care offers two types of prescription goggles. The FrogEye swim goggles have double lens technology, which allows you to see clearly above and below the water. The Shark swim goggles include single-vision prescription lenses. The Sharks are also offered in photochromic variation, which responds to light by changing from clear to dark gray so that you can enjoy your swim on sunny and cloudy days. 

Invest in a pair of prescription goggles at Harvard Square Eye Care today and enjoy a whole new world of aquatic fun!



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