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Our Low Vision Center


Low Vision Specialists in Cambridge, MA near the Belmont line. Our Optometrists are experts in low vision exams for diagnosing and treating age-related, disease or eye injury caused impairment of vision or vision loss.

Low vision by definition is the unilateral or bilateral loss of eyesight that impairs daily tasks performance. This loss in vision is not adequately corrected by surgical, medical or conventional eyewear. Several common diseases can cause a permanent loss of vision including age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, stroke-related vision loss, and eye injury. These diseases or eye injuries can cause marked decreased in visual acuity, loss of field of vision, loss of contrast sensitivity, or increase in sensitivity to light. All of these impaired vision factors can cause difficulty in everyday functioning such as driving, reading, writing, shopping or recognizing faces. The Belmont street location is the largest of the four offices, and like the other offices, offers the best and most updated contact lenses as well as the most current frame styles and trends. As usual, we offer lower cost alternatives.

Belmont Street - Harvard Square Eye Care
Belmont Street - Harvard Square Eye Care

Evaluation and Treatment Options


Low vision impairment can be assisted through visual aids and rehabilitation services. A low vision examination includes careful evaluation of ocular and medical history with emphasis on daily tasks improvement. The low vision examination may entail an exploration of hand-held magnifiers or electronic magnifiers to improve reading labels or fine prints. Evaluation of various telescopes can improve distance spotting and widening of peripheral vision. Various colored lens filters can help enhance contrast and reduce glare outdoors as well as indoors.

At Harvard Square Eye Care, our experienced optometrists can provide a careful low vision examination with services that tailor to the low vision impairment at hand. We carry a wide selection of Optical, Non-Optical and Electronic low visual aids from top-selling manufacture such as Optelec, Ocutech, and Eschenbach. Our Low Vision Center at Belmont Street office offers a full low vision examination and demonstration of low vision devices.