It is essential to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays, which are magnified and intensified when in or near water. Thus the importance of the proper eyewear when boating, fishing, jet skiing, sailing and windsurfing.
Sunglasses are categorized into 5 protection ratings: 0 (the weakest in terms of percentage of light filtered) to 4 (the strongest). For water activities, sunglasses with ratings of 3 or 4 are recommended.
The weather and sun intensity can vary on the water over the course of time, making it tough to determine what kind of lens may be best.
A popular lens for nautical activities is the photochromic lens. These lenses gradually develop a darker tint when the sun is strong and lighten and become clearer when it is less bright. Bollé makes a Phantom+ version that also has high performance polarization, which addresses the glare from the sun reflecting on the water. These are also popular for driving and mountain sports as they reduce blurred vision and eye fatigue while improving visual acuity.
Do the droplets of water that linger on your glasses bother you? Bollé offers lenses with a hydrophobic treatment that facilitates the expulsion of drops. Et voila, problem solved!
When doing water sports (or activities that cause extreme sweating), a frame and nose pads that stick to your temples and nose are key. Bollé frames are equipped with Thermogrip® technology which offer thermoplastic rubber with high grip performance which avoids slippage, and secures the frames to your skin.
Is it important to you that your sunglasses float? Bollé offers versions that are floatable, such as the Holman Floatable.
Check out an example of the Holman Floatable Sunglasses (red) and the VULTURE (Black Matte) Sunglasses, an example of Phantom+ polarized with photochromic lens.



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