Diagnosis and Treatment

All of our optometrists on staff are trained to diagnose and treat any type of issue that can arise in regards to ocular health. Common problems such as red eyes (pink eye), bacterial conjunctivitis, allergies, dry eye, and contact lens discomfort, can be easily relieved and our experienced doctors will take the time and care to ensure your optimal eye health. Our doctors regularly see patients with symptoms such as flashing lights, floaters, or other visual changes that can occur due to what’s called visual migraines (ocular migraines).
Our optometrists diagnose glaucoma, cataracts, age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), retinal holes, and retinal tears. We also can view diabetes, hypertension or other systemic diseases. Our optometrist’s role in the eye health of our patients is the full scope and you can come to see us for all eye problems.

Our Standard

All eye disease is covered with a copay dictated by your medical insurance. Often your medical insurance includes such coverage. The Optometrist is able to use your medical coverage if there is an existing medical condition without a referral in most cases. Our support staff will help to determine your benefits. This is a copay determined by your insurance.