Eyeglass Lenses

At Harvard Square Eye Care we are proud of our unique ability to not only offer top of the line eyecare services coupled with fashion-forward stylings in our frame selections but also the ability to provide the eyeglass lenses you need to go along with both. We have a fully functional lab on site to create the lenses you need when you need them.

Frame Stylings

What sets our practice apart is our ability to get the glasses spot on, especially important with progressives or higher prescriptions. We know great vision starts with the fit of the frame because the lenses need to be inserted in those frames for perfect vision. We have our own lab with an experienced Optician who makes our glasses. Not only is it important to have help choosing the frame but also the type of lenses that suits you best. There are lenses specific for certain tasks like music or sports that need to be made specifically for that activity.
Glasses say so much about your personality and personal style. At Harvard Square Eye Care, we are happy to work with you in selecting frames that complement your features. Our experienced optometry professionals work closely with you to select the proper frames to fit your budget as well as your cosmetic, lifestyle, and vision needs. Working with our experienced staff enables you to select the appropriate frames.